What are Cherry Tomatoes? Benefits of Cherry Tomatoes – Do You Know

The good news is that cherry tomatoes are not only beautiful and taste good but also have many health benefits. A perfect example might be that healthy and nutritious food is also delicious.

Tomatoes are one of the most nutritious vegetables and if you put them on your regular diet, it will help increase your body’s immunity and reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease.

cherry tomato benefits

Cherry tomatoes contain several times more flavonoid antioxidants and lycopene than most common tomatoes on the market. In today’s article I will discuss in detail what is cherry tomato and lets talk about the nutritional value of cherry tomato.

What are Cherry Tomatoes?

Cherry tomato is a type of improved variety of tomato that is smaller in size than normal variety tomato. Cherry tomato is a vegetable rich in lycopene, lutein and beta carotene.

It looks a bit like a round and golf ball. Although usually red in color, some cherry tomatoes are also yellow, green and black.

Cherry Tomatoes Nutritional Value

A typical cherry tomato contains about 95 percent water, the remaining 5 percent sugar and fiber. Each 100 grams of cherry tomato contains 18 calories, 95 percent water, 0.9 grams protein, 3.9 grams carbs, 2.8 grams sugar, 1.2 grams fiber, 0.2 grams fat.

Health Benefits of Eating Cherry Tomatoes

Nutritious cherry tomatoes grown in loamy soils have surprising benefits that you should know. Did you know that cherry tomatoes are a particularly good food for diabetes? Don’t worry, the DailyHealthBlog is here that always gives you the right information. Without wasting your time, let’s know more about the benefits of cherry tomatoes.

01. Diabetes Control

A studies show that people with type 1 diabetes and regular high-fiber diets have lower blood glucose levels. On the other hand, people with type 2 diabetes improve blood sugar, lipid and insulin levels.

The American Diabetes Association recommends that women consume 25 grams of fiber per day and men 36 grams of fiber per day. Cherry tomatoes contain high levels of fiber.

02. Protects against Stroke or Heart Attack

Heart attack and stroke have become a major cause of death worldwide. One study found that low levels of lycopene and beta carotene in the blood of older men increased the risk of heart attack and stroke (Source).

The ingredients in cherry tomatoes have a protective effect on the inner layer of your blood vessels and can reduce the risk of blood clots.

03. Prostate Cancer Prevention

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that spread beyond their normal boundaries and invade other parts of the body. A research found that the ingredients in tomatoes can protect against the risk of prostate, lung, and stomach cancer.

04. Anticarcinogenic

It has been proven that cherry tomatoes are anticarcinogenic because they are rich in important vitamins like vitamin C and this vitamin C is effective against cancer cells and helps to strengthen bones.

In addition, they are rich sources of beta-carotene, lycopene and melatonin, all of which have anti-carcinogenic effects that are beneficial to our body.

05. Reduce Blood Pressure

Taking less sodium every day helps maintain healthy blood pressure. However, due to its wide effect on the arteries, it is just as important to increase potassium intake. It helps reduce blood pressure. And cherry tomatoes are rich in potassium.

06. Improving Bone Health

This tomatoes contain lycopene and calcium which are extremely beneficial for bone health. Especially beneficial for women at risk of osteoporosis. One study found that women or men who regularly ate cherry tomatoes had a lower rate of bone loss.

07. Healthy Eyes

As mentioned earlier, cherry tomato is a vegetable rich in lycopene, lutein and beta carotene. These ingredients are powerful antioxidants that work against cataract fungi that damage the eyes and protect the eyes.

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Rules for Eating Cherry Tomatoes

There are no separate rules for eating these vegetables. You can eat salad or on an empty stomach or cooked if you want. It is cooked and eaten with many vegetables. Again, ripe tomatoes like to eat.


From this article we have learned a lot about the benefits of cherry tomatoes. However, I will say that nothing extra is good, if you have any problem then you must consult a doctor before eating. You can share with us any of your comments or complaints about our article, and if you like the article, please share it with your loved ones.

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