8 Benefits of Eating Elephant Foot Yam – Nutrition Benefits of Yam (Jimikand)

You will be surprised to know the benefits of elephant foot yam, it is a kind of vegetable and it is born in the tropical areas. This vegetable is shaped like an elephant’s foot, hence its name Elephant Foot Yam.

It is eaten more in India, Africa and Asian countries. However, many people may not know that yam, which is rich in health benefits, is beneficial in various diseases.

elephant foot yam

It is very useful especially for diabetes, hemorrhoids or piles, stomach cleansing etc. It has antioxidant and beta carotene properties that boost the body’s immune system.

In addition, it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to health. Our today’s article discusses the benefits of eating elephant foot yam, its use as well as the side effects of eating yam.

What is Elephant Foot Yam?

Yam is a edible tuber growing under the soil. Yam tubers can be round or elongated in different sizes. From small to large, weighing 20 kg can be seen in the market.

Wild yam cells usually contain SPTCS calcium oxalate. When yam is eaten, it gets stuck in the throat, then the throat and mouth become itchy and swollen.

Playing tamarind or lemon juice melts those SPTCS calcium oxalate. However wild yam are not usually cooked. There is no fear of itching too much throat by eating the yam that is available in the market.

Many people dry the elephant foot yam in the sun for a long time and then cook it, in which case the fear of itching is less.

Benefits of Eating Elephant Foot Yam

Yam is a very healthy vegetable full of health benefits. Let’s find out what are the benefits of eating yam

01. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects:

Yam also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, which can protect the body from various ailments.

A study conducted by experts has found that the antioxidants present in yam can boost the immune system and reduce inflammation and help fight colon cancer.

02. Beneficial for Diabetics

Yam is very beneficial for diabetic patients. This is because elephant foot yam contains a natural ingredient called Allantoin. Studies have shown that allantoin has anti-diabetic effects.

Which may be beneficial for diabetes patients. It can improve the lipid profile as well as help control diabetes by controlling blood sugar levels.

Yam also contains high levels of fiber and falls into the low glycemic index. This is why diabetics can put it on their diet list.

03. Reduces Weight

You can eat yam to lose weight. It also has this anti-obesity effect due to the flavonoid content present in the yam.

Which can help reduce obesity and shed excess body fat. Yam also rich in a lot of fiber and carbohydrates.

As a result, you will not feel hungry for a long time after eating yam. Therefore, it can also help you lose weight by reducing hunger.

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04. Prevents Cancer

According to research, a substance called allantoin present in yam may be helpful in preventing cancer.

Yam also contains L-arginine compounds, which can play an important role in preventing cancer by boosting immunity. But remember that, it is not a cure medicine for cancer.

05. Aids Digestion

Yam is quite effective in increasing digestion. Due to its thermal effect, it reduces mucus and air while increasing bile. And thus helps digestion.

Yam present in a lot of fiber, which can help alleviate digestive problems. The fiber present in it can improve digestion and help soften stools.

As a result, you can get rid of problems like constipation. It can also be helpful in boosting digestive enzymes and improving metabolism.

06. Eliminates Anemia

Anemia can be caused by a lack of iron in the blood. Elephant foot yam can play an important role in this case because yam is rich in iron.

07. Yam Benefits for Skin Care

It is also very beneficial for the skin. Because yam contains vitamin A and niacin (a form of vitamin B).

These two nutrients are considered to be helpful in maintaining the health of the skin. Based on this it can be said that it can be especially beneficial to good skin.

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08. Prevents Hair Fall

You can eat yam to improve hair health and reduce hair loss, because it contains vitamin B-6 which is a beneficial ingredient for hair. One research found that taking vitamin B-6 may improve hair condition.

It is also especially effective for alopecia patients because it can reduce the problem of hair loss. However, you must consult a doctor once before eating yam if you have any problems.

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Cooking Tips & How to Adopt Elephant Foot Yam in Your Diet?

Yam or Jimikanda may be a little harder to cut due to its stony hard outer lining. Then rinse well after peeling to remove dirt.

It can be cut or sliced ​​to your liking according to the dish you are planning to make. Yam has irritating properties, so the common is to boil it first after cutting it with vinegar water, lemon, tamarind. After that, you can enjoy it in various forms.

Chips – Yam chips are a very popular dish in India, so you can try eating chips once. After washing the vegetables well, cut them into thin slices and fry them in hot oil. These chips are a great snack for kids as well as elders.

Curry – If you can make yam curry in the right way, it is very nice to eat. But don’t worry, I’ll tell you the right way making yum curry.

First cut the vegetables into cubes then boil them in vinegar water. After boiling the yam, make a curry well with onions and tomatoes puree.

Mix the amount of spices and put the boiled yams in it. You can do several experiments with a boiled and mashed elephant foot yam. How would you like to eat it?

How can yam save for a long time?

When buying yam from the market, make sure that there are no stains. However, due to its dark color on the outside, it is difficult to see the black spots.

So buy it carefully and see if it is hard. It does not require any special method to preserve it for a long time.

Just make sure it doesn’t get wet, keep it in the sun every day if you can. Keep the dried yam in a dark place, it will stay good for more than 10 days.

Side Effects of Eating Elephant Foot Yam

As well as the benefits of eating yam, it also has some side effects that you should be known.
When you use it in a limited way can you enjoy its benefits. Eating too much yam can cause the following problems –

  • Excessive yam consumption can cause allergies in the body.
  • Excessive use of yam can cause vomiting a lot of the time.
  • It is not clear whether its use is safe during pregnancy. So it is better not to eat yam in this condition.
  • Blood clots can form in the body.
  • Elephant foot yam can act like estrogen (hormone for sexual development). If you have a problem with estrogen, refrain from taking it.
  • Those who are deficient in protein are advised to avoid it.


Those who go to the market and confused that it would be right or not to buy yam, they can be sure this time. The quality of eating yam was known.

However, use it in limited quantities. Although beneficial but yam side effects should not be forgotten. We hope you enjoy today’s article.

If we have made a mistake, please let us know in the comments box below. And those people who do not like to eat yam, must be informed about the benefits of yam.

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