Best Way to Lose Weight and Reason of Weight Gain | Slim Body Diet Plans

Nowadays, more or less every person is worried about lose weight. Irregular eating habits and busy lifestyles are changing the lives of both men and women and increasing excess weight.

Being overweight again is risky. Body and mind are the abodes of various diseases. Excess fat has accumulated in the body due to bad habits of junk food and body weight is increasing.

Best Way to Lose Weight and Reason of Weight Gain | Slim Body Diet Plans

A little awareness we can easily escape this danger. People want to lose weight, but most people want to lose belly fat. Since belly fat is attached to the liver, kidneys and other internal organs, it is a great danger to the body.

It can even cause death. So it needs to be removed very quickly. Today we will discuss what are the main causes of weight gain, how is it possible to lose this excess weight or belly fat through exercise and diet, what is the diet to lose weight.

The Main Cause of Weight Gain

After gaining weight, many people first find out how to lose weight. But there are very few people who see what is the reason for growth? So let’s first see which factors are responsible for weight gain.

01. Excess Calorie Intake:

All the food we eat every day stores calories in our body. Everything we do every day, such as walking, breathing, sitting, etc., consumes those stored calories.

But every day if we eat more food than we need then the extra calories are stored in our body as fat and as a result our body weight increases day by day.

In the same way if we continue to take less calories then we will continue to lose weight. Examples of calorie-rich foods is that Red meats, pork, chicken with skin on, potatoes, brown rice, whole grain pasta, Nuts and nut butters, olives, avocado, butter, salmon or other oily fish, beans, whole milk, eggs, cheese, full-fat yogurt, etc.

02. Lack of Adequate Sleep:

If you sleep less then excess weight can be the main reason. Stress with a sleepless life can help you gain weight.

Regardless of how healthy you eat or how much you exercise during the day, poor sleep habits and chronic stress can increase BMI levels. As a result, you may gain more weight.

Lack of sleep increases your appetite hormones and tendency to overeat. So it is better to avoid sleepless life and need seven to nine hours of sleep every night.

03. Drinking Less Water:

Drinking less water can lead to weight gain. Drink 10 to 12 glasses of water daily. Because water not only increases the speed of the body’s metabolism, it also reduces the storage space in the stomach. Which results in less eating and helps to lose weight.

04. Eat More Processed Foods:

Nowadays our interest in processed foods has gone out a lot to make our busy lives easier. Many chemicals are used to preserve these foods for a long time and they contain a lot of unhealthy fats and sugars. So processed foods increase weight quickly.

05. Living a Without Exercise:

The body consumes calories from the foods we eat every day, so if the calories are not consumed, it is stored as fat. So you need to consume these calories through various physical exercises. Irregular lifestyle is responsible for weight gain so be careful about this.

06. Sweet or Sugary Foods Increase Weight:

Sugary foods increase the amount of insulin in the body. And insulin raises cholesterol levels in the body which plays a significant role in increasing fat. Sweet foods are also high in calories.

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Foods that Make the Body Slim

Good food also plays a special role in slimming your body. So try to eat everyday the following foods to slim the body.

Dark Chocolate:

Not all types of chocolate. Chocolates that contain more than 70% cocoa, i.e. dark chocolate, are effective in reducing weight. Dark chocolate is a good source of fiber, loaded with iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, and other minerals.


Colin in eggs helps reduce fat. That is why it is necessary to eat in moderation without eating too much. However, it is better to eat the white part of the egg excluding the yolk of the egg because the yolk contains fat.

Sour Yogurt:

It plays a special role in weight loss and sheds fat quickly. One cup of sour yogurt should be eaten at least once a day, it lowers the cholesterol in the stomach and slims the stomach.


It contains no amount of calories. Cucumber reduces appetite which helps in weight lose. Eating cucumber in salad every day will be beneficial. It also helps increase digestive energy.


It is important to have lemon in your diet three times a day. Also, if you wake up in the morning and drink a glass of lemon sweet and hot water, you will lose belly fat quickly.

Green Tea:

Green tea helps to lose weight. It increases metabolism. It is also quite beneficial for the skin. But playing extra green tea to lose weight can be a problem. So you can not eat more than 2 to 3 times a day. Green tea helps reduce belly fat.

Colorful Vegetables:

If you want to lose weight, you have to keep a variety of vegetables in your diet every day. Not only green, but also red, yellow, purple and other colored vegetables eaten.


Oats contain fiber which reduces fat. Research shows that people who eat 2 to 3 oats a day have 20% less fat than normal people.

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Foods that need to be avoided to lose weight:

Eating a variety of soft drinks should be avoided. Food should be eaten following the food pyramid without eating too much sugar.

Again, protein foods such as fish, meat, eggs, pulses, milk, etc. should be eaten 20% protein without excess. It is important to stop eating fast food and reduce the amount of fatty foods.

The Role of Exercise in Weight Lose:

The role of exercise in weight loss is immense. A healthy lifestyle as well as physical exercise helps in weight loss. The best time to exercise is in the morning.

If you want to lose weight or belly fat, you have to exercise on an empty stomach in the morning example that walking, running, yoga etc.

Also those who want to do body building or muscle gain can do it every day of the week instead of 1 day or 5 days. Because it takes time for muscle to build.

Exercise releases certain hormones from the body. Which gives peace of mind including shedding of belly fat and keeps the body healthy.

But those who have various physical problems such as high blood pressure, diabetics should follow the exercise and diet chart with the advice of their doctor.

The body needs to get enough rest if you exercise regularly. So moderate rest and sleep is very necessary.

Stay Worry Free:

The thing to remember is to be worry free. Stretch or anxiety is now among the causes of excess fat loss and growth.

Because of this our body secretes various hormones which cause many problems from weight gain. So we have to take care of it.

The Popular Keto Diet to Lose Weight:

Many people nowadays follow a ketogenic diet to lose weight. This is a special type of diet plan, where the amount of sugar is low but the fat is high.

An unhealthy keto is eating extra fried food or eating unhealthy fats. And a healthy keto is a eating good fat foods.

It is possible to lose 15 to 20 kg weight in a month by following this diet. Be careful in this method just eat fat and shed fat.

But it can be a problem for many people because eating more than 20% fat can damage your kidneys. So it is important to consult a dietitian before starting this diet.

Finally, to lose weight, you need to take care of your diet and activities, including a healthy lifestyle. You need to be aware of yourself as well as others.

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