Health Benefits of Jamun: 9 Wonder Health Benefits of Eating Java Plum

Health Benefits of Jamun: Jamun is one of the most popular summer fruits of Indians, is also known as java plum and black plum. There are many benefits to jamun or black plum that you will be surprised to know.

The native fruit of India is Jamun, it is rich in deep blue or purple color and sweet taste. This fruit is famous for its beautiful color purple or deep blue.

jamun fruit benefits

Also known as Jamun Black Plum or Java Plum, it has now spread to other tropical regions of the world. It is usually harvested in June-July during the summer.

However, these fruits are green when raw and deep blue or purple when ripe. As well as being good to eat, it also has many several health benefits. This is one of the best home remedies for stomach pain, diabetes and arthritis.

Health Benefits of Jamun Fruit

In this article I will tell you the benefits of jamun and why you should eat jamun in summer. Here are lists some of the health benefits of jamun.

01. Decreasing Blood Sugar (Diabetes):

Eating jamun is very beneficial for diabetics as it has low blood sugar. It has low glycemic index, that controls the blood sugar levels normal. The seeds, bark and leaves of the jamun tree are used to treat diabetes.

02. Maintenance Bones and Teeth:

Jamun are rich in calcium, vitamin-C, iron and potassium. This calcium, potassium, vitamin C and iron build bones and help keep teeth strong.

Eating jamun is so beneficial that it can keep our bones, teeth strong and healthy. Moreover, jamun is very beneficial for those who suffer from tooth decay or bone loss problems.

03. Improves Hemoglobin Count:

Rich in Vitamin C and Iron, this fruit increases the number of hemoglobin in the human body. While iron present in this fruit that work as a blood purifier, increase number of hemoglobin your blood to carry more oxygen to organs and always keep your healthy.

04. Keeps Skin and Eye Healthy:

Jamun also rich in astringent property, which protects your skin wrinkles, pimples and acne free. This fruit helps in improving the health of your skin and eyes.

Moreover, the black plum or jamun increase improves haemoglobin and the vitamin C, iron content helps purify the blood and helps to keep your skin glowing and radiant.

05. Keeps Your Heart Healthy:

Jamun is present in antioxidants and minerals like iron, potassium. Potassium is extremely beneficiary to keep heart diseases and stroke at bay. Jamun contains about 55 mg of potassium per 100 g.

06. Prevents Infection:

Black plum has antibacterial, anti-infective and anti-malaria properties. The fruit also present in malic acid, tannins, gallic acid, oxalic acid and betulic acid. This fruit is quite effective in preventing common infections.

07. Helps with Weight Loss:

Low calories fruit is jamun that is present in fibre, making it a perfect combination for weight lose. Jamun improves digestion and helps reduce water retention in the body.

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08. Acts as an Immunity Booster:

Jamun is a good source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help strengthen your immune system and increase your body’s stamina.

09. Improves Gastric Health:

Jamun can help in curing digestive disorders. Jamun also has antacid properties that prevent the formation of excess acid in the stomach. It also helps in treating indigestion, gastritis, ulcer problems.


Make sure you are eating this delicious and nutritious fruit in this summer. It is advisable to take Jamun in the right proportions as anything can be extra harmful. If you have any medical problems, it is better to consult your doctor before eating jamun in your diet.

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Many people have questions and I have tried to answer all the searched questions. Also if you have any questions about this post you can let us know by using the comment box below

Q1. Is jamun good for health?

Ans: Obviously, jamun is very beneficial for your health. It is a delicious and nutritious low-calorie fruit that is rich in vitamin C and minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and folic acid.

This is one of the best home remedies for stomach pain, diabetes and arthritis. Not only jamun fruit but also the bark, leaves and seeds of this tree are very beneficial especially for diabetics.

Q2. How much jamun should I eat daily?

Ans: You can eat 5-6 pcs jamun once a day. But there is no scientific evidence that states that jamun should be eaten at a per day.

Q3. Is jamun fruit good for weight loss?

Ans: Yes, jamun can helps in weight lose. Jamun contains a moderate amount of calories, about 75 calories per cup and is suitable for a weight loss diet because it contains no fat.

Q4. Is jamun good during pregnancy?

Ans: No, it is harmful during pregnancy. Pregnant as well as breastfeeding mothers should avoid jamun. There is no scientific evidence that you should eat jamun during pregnancy.

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